RE: Gender and evaluation of food security | Eval Forward

Dear members,

Thanks to Georgette Konate Traoré from Burkina Faso for raising these concerns on evaluation of gender with the EVAL-ForwARD community. Please feel free to share your view on any of the issues she raises by replying to this email.

I take the opportunity to invite you all to use this space in the weeks to come to:

  • Start discussions: post queries on topics of your interest inviting members to respond and to share their experiences and views.
  • Post information on and links to publications, events, calls and other activities of interest to other members.

Discussions, resources and information shared will start forming the knowledge base of the EVAL-ForwARD community. Please contact me for practical support or any further information at

Related to quantitative and qualitative indicators to evaluate gender (question 3 below), FAO is adopting the pro-WEAI index, which helps assess women’s empowerment within agricultural developmental projects using 12 indicators. Here is a link to the WEAI webpage  and to a recent presentation in FAO