RE: Gender and evaluation of food security | Eval Forward

Good evening dear members,

Georgette's concerns in Burkina Faso are extremely relevant. We have not yet found the answer in Benin, but we have initiated an activity that we hope will help us begin to provide relevant answers. This is the assessment of the sensitivity of the national system of monitoring and evaluation in relation to gender. This study was done in Benin, South Africa and Uganda. The diagnosis focused on national evaluation policies and the national monitoring and evaluation systems of the three countries. The results of the study allowed us to adopt a plan of improvement actions including, among others, the definition of national indicators by sector to evaluate the gender aspect, as well as the revision of our national policy of evaluation, to incorporate norms and standards to take gender into account in all our evaluations.

This certainly does not answer Georgette's questions, but it is to show at least that the concern is shared.

Best regards

Elias A. K. SEGLA

Spécialiste en Gouvernance et Management public Présidence de la République du Bénin Bureau de l’Évaluation des Politiques Publiques et de l'Analyse de l'Action Gouvernementale Palais de la Marina

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