RE: Is this really an output? Addressing terminology differences between evaluators and project managers | Eval Forward

Hello to all the community,

Thanks to Natalia for her very pertinent question.

The results are often presented by the developer of the programme, project or policy to be evaluated. This presentation may not be appropriate because precisely the developer and the projet manager are concerned about the evaluation of the results and consciously or unconsciously, ambiguous terms are often used.

In the performance of my duties, I have already encountered this type of situation and to aim for an objective evaluation, I had to develop templates with the appropriate terminology and I asked to present the results according to the said templates.

Of course, the treatment of the quantified results, presented according to the new templates, made it possible to unlock the issue and this proved very effective because we were able to expose the figures initially announced.

I can give a very simple example: a project was declared launched while looking for what was hidden behind the name "launched", it turned out that the project was in the phase of its registration as a planned operation.

Another example: a project was considered "realized", while provisional acceptance was not obtained. However, the latter can give rise to reservations, the management of which will take longer or shorter periods and concretely the project would be in progress and not realized.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Have a very good day everyone.