RE: Addressing disability inclusion through evaluations in agriculture and rural development | Eval Forward

Dear Eoghan,

I find your topic very interesting, disability inclusion is a challenge in program intervention. In general the UN rural interventions are note focused on a disability inclusion approach. So if we considered this group like a type of vulnerable persons, we can judge the importance of this topic in the UN interventions.

For example in our recent study of the socio-economic character of households, we discovered that on average in an household composed of 14 people only 5 are active. Among the 9 inactive that represent the more vulnerable in the house, 5 are on average children, 2 are aged persons and 2 are people with disability.  

I think the challenge is in the whole process from project planning to evaluation. We need to include in the project target a specific scope for disability inclusion dimension like gender and climate smart and other dimensions. If we include the disability dimension in the results framework easily the evaluation terms will take in charge the accountability of the intervention for disability inclusion.

Thank you for this important topic,