RE: Addressing disability inclusion through evaluations in agriculture and rural development | Eval Forward


We shall continue from where we left off in our previous contribution, which is given below. Avoiding all arcane expression typically in use, let us point out a few important facts that are important to real disabled people with reference to agricultural pursuits:

   • Certain disabilities like blindness or severe visual impairment will exclude people from engaging in agricultural work in any meaningful way.

   • This will also apply to people with severe to limited mobility owing to leg injury or Mysthenia gravis, etc.

   • Certain mental dysfunctions may preclude the sufferers from participation in agricultural pursuits.

   • Thus, the opportunities available to disabled people in agriculture are limited owing to certain physical or mental handicaps from which they suffer. This happens to be the situation in real life.

   • However, deaf people and those who suffer from other disabilities  may be able to fruitfully engage in agriculture provided that what they plan to do do not impose an undue strain on them.

   • What those people may usefully do depends on the real life conditions that exist in the area they live. We cannot suggest any meaningful generic improvements unless we have area specific information.

We hope project planners and evaluators begin right there and start from the beginning rather than basing their work on theoretical or academic papers. After all, we are trying to ameliorate the lives of real people, arn't we?

Best wishes!

Lal Manavado.