RE: Évaluation rapide pour mesurer l'impact de la pandémie COVID dans les zones montagneuses | Eval Forward

Dear Malika,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Our initiative as shared on this platform [], involves a joint partnership of the Evaluation Society of Kenya (ESK) and Monitoring & Evaluation Department (MED), funded by the World Bank. So our context is different from yours, as it involves coordination between national and county governments (making things more complex). Nonetheless, like you, our experiences were that indeed the rapid evaluations were not as quick as initially planned (and as the term seems to imply). Much more resources than initially planned were also expended. Some contributing factors to these were:

  • Slow start owing to the protocols/bureaucracies in communications between the national and county governments
  • Sometimes delayed responses at the technical level (especially where staff are thin on the ground)
  • Limited documentation including well analyzed and archived monitoring data
  • Generally, M&E Systems are weak. This limits the ability to make quick studies.  Alternative means involving wider scope and additional monies had to be employed, towards redressing data gaps

In view of all these and subject to context, I think, it’s important to take into account these limitations, including potential budget over-runs at the evaluation planning stages.


Kind Regards,