RE: Évaluation rapide pour mesurer l'impact de la pandémie COVID dans les zones montagneuses | Eval Forward

Dear Malika and community,

You have proposed a very interesting topic with an urgent need to obtain steady information as the pandemic evolves.

As for the International Organization for Migration of the United Nations, we have developed and applied a methodology in Mexico and some countries in Central America based on telephonic interviews with key stakeholders in the field. This methodology is called Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) and is widely used by IOM since 2004. 

We have identified that by asessing communities representatives, shelter directors and actors from the local governments and social organizations, we can obtain general information about the impact COVID-19 over mobility and needs of the migrant population settled in the borders, as well as in movement across the country.

Particularly, I was leading the development of these studies in Mexico. So far we have 3, but the latest one in english is available here:…

There is some information that synthetizes the methodology approach that you can access here:…

If you have further comments or questions, don't hesitate to contact me.


Nayeli Almanza, MSc