RE: How do we move forward on Evaluation Systems in the Agriculture Sector? | Eval Forward


Thank you for this important issue. I think that the Public sector is far from Evaluation. The M&E system is something good to have if it is a full system in its broad definition, not only a written protocol and procedure of "how" and "musts", which is the case in our region (in ministries). Our experience is that you cannot get any data from existing systems. What is needed is an Evaluation Culture and lobbying for evaluation. VOPES should have a role in this, but without support, their impact will be limited especially as most VOPES in the region are too young and working on Voluntary basis. VOPES can act as mobilizer or facilitator to bring stakeholders together to enhance the evaluation culture through actions on land. To give an example of actions: select common national   indicators or even SDG related to agriculture and try to systematize the process of collecting data about it at country level. VOPES in different countries can work jointly and even form a consortium.

I hope my idea is clear enough


Naser Qadous