RE: How do we move forward on Evaluation Systems in the Agriculture Sector? | Eval Forward

Interesting discussion on M&E and learning. One country that has an integrated M&E system that is linked to the national M&E is Madagascar. IFAD set up a systems called SEGs which aimed to link M&E and knoweldge managment see

One of the challenges that I have seen is that M&E is normally a bean counting exercise for most projects. There is no learning incorporated into the process. When I managed a knowledge management and learning grant, we tried to change the mindset of the projects from M&E to a learning oriented M&E. Most projects do not start with learning questions that guide implementation and so they are always fumbling through their project. As a result they are unable to show results. The idea was to incorporate qualitative aspects into the quantitative process.   

I really like the car dashboard discussion - I will borrow it to use somewhere.....thanks for sharing.


Miriam Cherogony

Independent Consultant

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