RE: How do we move forward on Evaluation Systems in the Agriculture Sector? | Eval Forward

Dear Judith,

Very interesting topic and I find all responses interesting too to help to establish an evaluation system at national level. My advice is very limited as I don’t have information on the ongoing monitoring system and the vision or specifics core goals to 2030, as the evaluation system will inspired from this two reference documents.

I find the more difficult phases is to establish a monitoring system with validated year targets. A SMER (Six Months Evaluation Report) could be adopted. The first SMER would be for analysis of the progress of goals and target and if necessary make some reorientation in the programme and the second in the same line with a consolidation part for the annual evaluation. However the SMER approach could be challenging for evaluation since evaluation is for results and the evidence needs time. It would be more relevant for evaluation to have a five year vision format.

So if you decide to keep the yearly period for monitoring and evaluation, I advise to take this approach of SMER with a template based on specifics goals and targets that can help in defining the evaluation quantitative and qualitative questions.

I also recommend using digital collection at the national level and validating the results of the evaluation through a participatory approach.