RE: Reporting and supporting evaluation use and influence | Eval Forward

Oh, well done!

Great to see that there is some recognition of the value of pictures and visuals.
The materials you shared are really helpful and inspirational, thanks.

Now... as someone who thinks visually and in pictures I consistently tried to sum up findings in a more visual way.
Graphics, drawings, multimeria are seen as "nice" and cool. Everyone likes them and feel they are useful.

But, guess what? I then have to produce a normal report, because this is what donors want.
So, visuals are to be done as an aside. Of course, for free.

Time for reporting is already usually not enough in a consultancy, so if you want to prove that visuals or other media are better, you basically need to work for free.
Because, at the end of the day, you will still have to write the proper report.

The bottom line?

Until evaluations will be mainly perceived as bureaucratic requirements and reports...we will miss out on fantastic possibilities to learn better.
And also, to involve people who might have fantastic learning, analytical, communication skills, but who are not report writers.
It is so unfortunate that we assume that "report writing" alone is the best way to capture and convey evidence and insights...