RE: Reporting and supporting evaluation use and influence | Eval Forward

Clarity... of course, absolutely! Elevator pitch... yes and no.


An elevator pitch is very useful as an entry point.

But there should then be a recognition that the purpose of a good evaluation is to unveil the complexity of reality (without being complicated).

It can give new elements and ideas, but not the solution.

The elevator pitch is the entry point, it highlights main areas to be addressed, and it can certainly outline some pressure points.

But I am not so sure that we can always offer a crisp idea of possible solutions.

As they say, "for each problem there is always a simple solution. And it is wrong".


Solutions are to be found, as Bob so well said - beyond the evaluation.

(or within it only if it is a participatory one, where key local actors are truly engaging in formulating findings, and truly own the process)


So the tools and messages we need are not just the elevator pitches, but these helping to convey and navigate complexity in simpler, actionable ways.


Being aware that it is not for the evaluator to hammer messages, but for the project stakeholders to own them.