RE: Are you considering social and environmental criteria in your evaluations? | Eval Forward

Hello Serge,

In my organization, we are facing a challenge to integrate both aspects into our programmes' evaluations, because traditionally those areas were approached separatelly. We have found that we cannot separate the social impact from an internal or an external evaluation focused on the results of our interventions, including dimensions never considered before. For example, in the final stage of an Activity focused on producers strenghtening on better agricultural practices we are designing the terms of reference for an impact evaluation that will aim to include perspectives of the participation migrant work force in agricultural activities.

In my experience, the main challenges we are facing are related to some lack of experience conveying the social aspects within the rural approaches we traditionally face. We are looking for internal peers assessment in the first stage and later will look for external assessment with experts from sister organizations.

I think more reflection and work has to be done over the integration of both perspectives, but it is also a great oportunity area to collaborate with our peers.

Thank you for the space and the post, best regards

- Nayeli