RE: Are you considering social and environmental criteria in your evaluations? | Eval Forward

Dear all, 

1. Social and environmental criteria includes items on gender and equity, gender based violence,  community resources use and management, partnerships and sustainability. 

2. Our National Evaluation Standards for evaluation apply in areas of social and environment assessment. Copy attached. 

3. Challenges are more in limited capacity to conduct social and environmental assessment, and limited available of data for use in social and environmental assessment. 

4. The Uganda Evaluation Association promotes knowledge sharing on the matter. 


Regarding the TORs, another practice is as follows :

1. The client determines the ToR based on what the client and his or her stakeholders require

2. The client looks for evaluators who can understand and execute the TOR

3. The evaluator who thinks can understand and execute the TOR indicates expression of interest to execute the TOR

4. When the evaluator is provided with chance to execute the TOR he or she writes an inception report showing what he or she has understood and how he or she will execute the TOR

5. If the client is convinced with the inception report that the evaluator understood the TOR and can execute the TOR then evaluator is given the assignment

6. The evaluator then executes the TOR based on the inception report agreement

7. There is no room for the evaluator to maneuver the TOR but understand it and demonstrate the understanding in the inception report.