RE: Monitoring and evaluation: is this the perfect combination to meet the needs of decision-makers? | Eval Forward

Good evening dear members of EvalForward

The question posed by Elias is very interesting.

Monitoring, being a process that provides regular information, allows decisions to be taken quickly. Good monitoring necessarily implies the success of a project or a policy, since it allows for the rapid correction and rectification of an unforeseen situation or a given constraint.

Moreover, the more reliable and relevant the information, the more effective the monitoring.

In developing countries, the main constraint to monitoring and evaluation is the flow of information from the local to the central level and its consolidation. 

Indeed, information is often unreliable, which inevitably has an impact on the decisions that are taken.

As for evaluation, it requires more time, since it is based on research and analysis. It allows decision-makers to review strategies, correct certain actions and sometimes revise objectives if they are deemed too ambitious or unachievable once the policy has been implemented.