RE: How to evaluate science, technology and innovation in a development context? | Eval Forward

A very well put together tool that will ensure the uniformity of methodology in the CRPs as the system moves forward towards actualising the One CGIAR.

My disquiet is that even if the QoS is adjudged good, what then? How does this translate into the very essence of the birth of the CGIAR; increased food production at the SHF level, improved nutrition, health and livelihood at the HH level. The ultimate beneficiaries of the CGIAR are the SHFs and the national systems. These are far removed (access, funds, weak structures etc) from the journals that count.

Hence in my view, this tool has to be combined with a strong outcome/impact case study process that benefits the science within the CGIAR on the one hand and its effect on SHFs and national systems and the larger society

We need to define/elaborate QoS/QoR in such a way to capture why the need for the science in the first place and its effect/outcome to the society at large. The MEL component of this should be strengthened to address these larger issues to ensure that while we assess the science, we do not lose sight of its ultimate goal.