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In our case, the Senegal programme of Horizont3000, which intervenes in Food and Nutritional Security and is implemented through 7 different projects, we focus on agroecological practices. We do not use specific tools to assess sustainability but we define specific indicators for this. We have for example

- the percentage of production from agro-ecological practices

- the areas developed in agro-ecology

- the number of women and young people who have green jobs

- areas undergoing restoration and/or preservation actions

- % of young people and women with initiatives in the field of green entrepreneurship (NR operations)

- % of beneficiaries (men and women??) using climate change adaptation and mitigation technologies

The partners take these indicators into account when developing their projects, so these aspects are taken into account in their intervention strategy.

I will try to find out more about the TAPE tool and possibly test it for the current phase

Thank you