RE: The issues facing global agriculture | Eval Forward

Dear Isha,

Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.

I have some issues to share with you as follows:

  • I feel you could also think of the roles of a female (whether she herself is a farmer or a wife of a male farmer) and her ownership pattern as well.
  • Affordable technology for farmers: it is a very crucial issue! However, nowadays in our sub-continent farmers are bound to use chemical fertilizer and pesticide which are in most cases of low quality and are of low price. Many farmers are attracted by those traders, purchase and use those in the field, and it effects the yield. Those issues need to be addressed and evaluated.
  • Farmers issues related to finance, funding and price factors: Does it also include marketing and access to market? I also feel it important to think about 'Agriculture Value Chain Analysis'.

This is all for now.

Warm regards,

Bhabatosh, Bangladesh