RE: Will artificial intelligence replace us as evaluators? | Eval Forward

Hi Jorge,

Thank you for your comment. I do agree with your reflection and the unpredictability of the future. And yes, we are already using AI so much even without noticing while discovering new tools on a daily basis, some which are extremely beneficial to our profession.

I also do think that sooner or later, algorithms will become more accurate, complete and able to solve more complex issues. However, they remain in a way a 'mathematical equation', thus unable to perform certain human tasks like judgement which takes me to the context point. It may be able to analyze 'basic' context in the future but some variables would also require human interaction. But as you said, no one knows what will happen and AI can always surprise us.

Fully agree on the evaluation journey and ethical consideration. As you said 'Is this going to change in the (near) future?', only time will tell. This invention is here to stay and will definitely have an impact (or is already having) on the professional journey itself be it positive or negative.