RE: Reporting evaluation results or communicating evaluation results? | Eval Forward

Dear colleagues/members,

My EvalForward contribution.

These are two distinct inseparable views in monitoring and evaluating systems that produce results for policy making and implementation. When these two views are understood there is tendency of improvement and implementation strategy of research and finding that enforces desirable policy. The reporting is the analytical tool that communicates the findings of a research to stakeholders. Which makes it empirical fact that once accepted becomes evidential policy.

Reporting helps to know the actual data needed to communicate the rightful results that could improve the outcome of programmes or projects implementation for economy and human development in any sector. Reporting tools help to maximize this actual fact of M&E information system for programmes and include the state or level of project delivery. This reporting tool must be available for better and clear communication that is understood by public and private sector stakeholders.

This function systematically from M&E reporting state to M&E communicating state to stakeholders, partners and implementing organizations which could form economic policy for growth and development depending on the sector. So, understanding this important knowledge mechanism for organizations or nations could improve the governing system for better decision and policy whether in agriculture, science, humanity or any sector. They are the knowledge basis for policy making and implementation.

In addition;

The two elements need to harmonize and create synergy for common ground that affects the outcome of results.

This should begin from the start, that is, from the design stage to implementation stage to have a clear knowledge of the programmes/project for decision and implementation by stakeholders.

Their recommendations should be empirical facts for improvement, implementation and execution by stakeholders.

Thank you.