RE: Reporting evaluation results or communicating evaluation results? | Eval Forward

Very important discussion. It is, however, constrained by a narrow understanding of evaluation: a conventional consultancy. Sticking to this format - i.e.  accepting as a starting point that evaluation is mostly about putting some recommendation in a report - limits possibilities and innovation.

We should reframe evaluation as a set of thinking processes and practices allowing programme stakeholders to gauge the merit, the achievements, and the learning from a programme. Consultants might have diverse roles within it (and might not even be necessary). The possibilities are endless. If evaluations are designed with users, use, participation in mind, the entire approach to communication and involvement changes from the start.

It is very unfortunate that we keep on sticking with conventional, routine evaluations and never consider the cost opportunity of missing out on more interesting options. This message goes in the right direction, indicating the urge to shift from reporting to communication. But if we stick to conventional evaluation formats, we might make minor improvements but always miss out on the potential of evaluations, in the broader sense.