RE: Disability inclusion in evaluation | Eval Forward

Dear Members/Colleagues,

My EvalForward contribution,

First of all, humanity does not exempt people with physical disabilities from contributing to development programmes or projects, irrespective of who they are in the society. If you are an asset you are a great contributor to advancement of knowledge in human development. People with disability should be entitled to every benefit in support of human diversity in a society. In other words, disability inclusion and practices in evaluation should also be encouraged, given priority and value in the society. Why? Because policies, evaluation are made by mental knowledge, not physical power which gives inclusiveness. Meanwhile;

1. Evaluation is not a physical exertion of energy, but mental exertion of energy which includes disability inclusiveness contribution to the evaluation development world.

2. Evaluation an be strategically practiced with the assistance of technological gadgets on their parts.

3. Physically challenged people can come up with their invention that will help them in evaluation system, such as technological inventions and policies that will strengthen their inclusiveness.

4. According to UN support for their participation, if the needs are given to support their physical strength and energy, people with disabilities are as good as every other human in driving the research outcome of evaluation implementation.

Thank you.