RE: How are mixed methods used in programme evaluation? | Eval Forward

Dear evaluators and colleagues,

Thanks so much to those of you who took active part in this discussion, replying to my follow up questions and comments, and to all the others who read the contributions for learning!

The discussion was rich and insightful, and raised the attention on the rationale for applying MM as well as to some persisting challenges and gaps in Mixed Methods practical applications.

Bottom line, Mixed Methods are surely here to stay. However, on the one hand there are innovative and revolutionary tools including Big Data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning which have started dictating how to gather, process, and display data. On the other hand, there are methodological gaps to fill. As evaluators we have a role to play to ensure MM is not merely mentioned in TORs and followed superficially but appropriately used both in theory and practice.

I am going to share a summary of the discussion with some personal methodological reflections soon, so please stay tuned!