RE: What can evaluations do in terms of capacity development? | Eval Forward

Dear All,

I wish to bring forward a few insights to this important discussion. Perhaps we may first need to analyze the question - "what can evaluations do in terms of capacity development?" For me, I am seeing it from 2 angles:

1. Could we develop capacity through evaluations?

2. Could evaluations help in capacity development?

  1. This might focus on who is involved in evaluations, how are they prepared, what can they go through, what lessons have they learned, how are they prepared to feed such lessons into future programs?
  1. This might actually look at how evaluations could be better designed to develop capacities of all actors, so that they are able to identify key weaknesses/challenges (in terms of delivery capacity) in a project or program setting and proffer suggestions/new ideas/solutions for redress of course considering sustainability, accountability and other aspects of programming.

The debate continues!!!

Many thanks!!

Kebba Ngumbo Sima