RE: What can evaluations do in terms of capacity development? | Eval Forward

In Benin, we have not yet addressed the evaluation of capacity development.

Capacity development is something we are working on. Currently, we are in partnership with the Center for Sociology Studies and Political Science of the University of Abomey-Calavi (CESPo-UAC), to develop a Certificate in Analysis and Evaluation of Public Policies. This is a 3-week certifying course for evaluation actors who wish to strengthen their capacities in this area. In addition, the Journées Beninoise de l’Evaluation are an opportunity for us to train (in one day) government actors, NGOs and local authorities on different themes. Apart from that, we organize training seminars for these same actors every three to five days. This year, for example, we will train (in 5 days) the managers of the planning and monitoring-evaluation services of the 77 communes of Benin, on the elaboration or the reconstitution of the theory of change of the Communal Development Plans (their documents of strategic planning). We did it the year before for the actors of the Government and NGOs.

But we have never undertaken to evaluate these capacity developments. We will get there gradually.