RE: What can evaluations do in terms of capacity development? | Eval Forward

Dear Colleagues

I found this a very interesting topic and discussion. Let me share with you my experience working in conflict sensitive environment.

Our project was typically focusing on conflict sensitive development. We had conducted evaluation through participatory methods with beneficiaries and key local actors with a number of tools such as Resource Mapping and Institutional Mapping.

We witnessed that Resource Mapping helped beneficiaries to understand and enhance their capacity on how their local resources are creating social cohesion within their communities and other communities through common resource utilization. This was also taken as a lesson to plan on how to use the resources for peace building interventions. It is important that the guiding questions fit the purpose of the evaluation. The reason is because participatory tools usually are used to evaluate a number of projects which are different in nature.

In another case, Institutional Mapping also uses a tool to show actors involved how local institutions are benefitting the communities and how they interact with each other. This provided more capacities to understand how important it is to link different institutions to improve coordination with the specific locality especially for local actors.