Pelagia [user:field_middlename] Monou

Pelagia Monou


Agricultural Economist MSc with 16 years of experience in international consultancy and strong expertise on policy and grant proposals' evaluation, in the fields of agriculture & rural development, circular economy, tourism, research, technology & innovation.
In depth knowledge and understanding of methodologies for policy evaluation (intervention logic; measuring effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, coherence, European added value, impact) and experience in evaluation/impact assessment studies: a) economic and social assessment of green economy activities in Africa sites; preparation of an annual implementation report for the Rural Development Programme (RDP) in Cyprus; synthesis of 'ex ante' evaluations of RDPs at european level; ex-post evaluation of the RDPs at european level; evaluation of preferential agricultural trade regimes between EU and Africa. I also have proven experience in the design of triangular evaluation approaches and the implementation of field work (focus groups, interviews, surveys) with the use of participatory approaches (world café, open space, circle). As a member of several national registries of evaluators, I have gained significant experience in assessing business plans against specific selection and award criteria, in the fields of agriculture and tourism. Experience in Project Cycle Management, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects using the EC guidelines, interacting with stakeholders across agrofood value chains, organising field trips in Africa, and running interviews and focus groups with the use of participatory approaches (world café, open space, circle).

My contributions

  • How are we progressing in SDG evaluation?

    • Estimada Emilia, he evaluado en qué medida un Programa Europeo de Medio Ambiente ha sido coherente con los objetivos del Pacto Verde y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible. Este análisis se basó en la correspondencia de las áreas temáticas del programa con las acciones del Pacto Verde y las metas de los ODS. Los resultados fueron muy positivos y revelaron las áreas temáticas específicas del programa que más contribuyen (en términos de número de proyectos financiados y presupuesto asignado) al Pacto Verde y a los ODS.

  • What type of evaluator are you?