4th Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development

4th Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development

Washington D.C

Organized by the GEF Independent Evaluation Office, the 4th Conference on Evaluating Environment and Development will build on the success of the previous editions and will be part of the IEO 20th anniversary celebrations. The Conference will gather distinguished speakers and participants for two and a half days (March 5-7, 2024) of intensive discussions on evaluation in the context of environment and development.

Conference objectives

The objective of the Conference is to bring together leading practitioners and thinkers on environmental evaluation, as well as young and emerging evaluators, to share concrete experiences with environmental interventions and evaluations, and to inform future evaluation practice.

Expected outcomes from the Conference

  1. Give participants an enhanced understanding of how to design and conduct influential evaluations at the nexus of environment and development;
  2. Produce evaluative evidence of the performance and contributions of integrated approaches towards sustainability transitions; and
  3. Identify approaches and methodologies to evaluating integration across natural and human systems.

Conference outcomes will be disseminated through webinars and blogs through the Earth-Eval Community of Practice and a book based on the best contributions at the Conference will be published.

For more information: https://www.gefieo.org/conference-2024

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