Idowu O Oladele

Idowu O Oladele

West Africa Regional Coordinator
Winrock International

An agricultural extension professional with several years of teaching, research and development activities in agricultural extension work in several countries of Africa. His research interests and activities cover empowerment through sustainable livelihoods and how the institutional linkages have impacted on the livelihoods in West and Southern African countries as well as south East Asia. Background in agriculture, technology transfer, innovation systems, with extensive skills in statistics, and analytical techniques, knowledge generation and partnership development. Highly experienced in the integration of natural and social science methods for resources management, decision-making and strong knowledge of policy formulation processes, monitoring, evaluation and linking farmers to markets.

My contributions

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      The influx of ToCs has seen non-professionals in agriculture dominating the landscape of agriculture where qualifications and backgrounds that are not connected to agriculture decide and control agriculture. This is more worrying in the agricultural extension and technology dissemination arena where so called professional just gather people together to claim it is agricultural extension service delivery.

      I hold thorough Technical knowledge (Agricultural qualification) sacrosanct in project management as well as monitoring and evaluation without which the project will never realise the full potential impact.

      A question is that in the developed countries' sector of agriculture and food security as well as natural resource management, are there cacophony of ToCs noises like this to get them to where they are and sustaining them?