Rami [user:field_middlename] Assaf

Rami Assaf

Evaluation Analyst

Evaluation; Monitoring; Solid Waste Management; Emergency & Resilience Operations

Over 7 years of experience

My contributions

  • Artificial intelligence: A threat or a game-changer?

    ChatGPT is taking the world by storm. It is a revolutionary technology with the ability to provide human-quality responses while interacting in conversational dialogue.[1] But let’s not focus on this particular tool; let’s talk about technology in general and artificial intelligence (AI) more specifically. I am more concerned about the exponential growth of technological invention and how far it can go in replacing us humans in the evaluation profession.

    Let’s talk hypothetically for a moment. Imagine freezing a person in the seventh century and waking them 500 years later. What would have

  • The Middle East and North Africa Evaluation Network (EvalMENA) is the regional voluntary organization for professional evaluation. More than 150 evaluation professionals, public servants, government representatives and United Nations personnel attended the three days of workshops and plenary sessions. Eight professional development workshops were offered to attendees on topics ranging from remote evaluation tools and theories of change to the monitoring and evaluation function and a 360-degree view of the opportunities and challenges of working in evaluation in the Arab world.

    While some of the plenaries focused on national evaluation capacity and others on evaluation practices in the region, here, we