Safieh [user:field_middlename] Shah

Safieh Shah

Medical Fact-checker
Health Analytics Asia

For more than 11 years I have excelled at developing grant-funded scientific research with the objective of setting priorities’ to foster sustainable solutions within health systems.

Further, by utilizing existing evidence within empirical scientific methodology I have been working towards making those within health systems as well as those affected by them – directly and indirectly –better equipped to utilize them. I do so via policy frameworks and program evaluation between the government, non-profit and private sectors’.I have more than six years of experience managing research projects across multiple disciplines, varying cultural contexts, with ever-evolving skill-sets to deliver high-quality work at the cutting edge of research.

During this time, I have pioneered a number of innovative techniques in both high- and low-resource settings for monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, research, training, public information and coordination at the country level within Africa, Asia and Europe.I am guided by a strong sense of duty and ethical principles, reflected in my career choices.

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