TOMÁS Netzahualcóyotl RICO-MORA

TOMÁS Netzahualcóyotl RICO-MORA

Executive Director
The Planning Lab - MX


Expertise: Strategic Planning: Country-Sector, Investment Projects. Programme Design, Implementation & Evaluation. ©ImplementWare!  🔹 Technical Cooperation-4-Development: A. Rural/ IndigenousPeoples; B. Climate Change/ Green Finance; and C. Resource Mobilization (Value x Money!).  🔹 Task Team Management. Environmental-Social Safeguards (IFAD SECAP Roster) (2022). Executive Director. THE PLANNING LAB-MX: Applied Development Planning Concepts & Tools.

Work Experience: FAO, IFAD, World Bank, Government of Mexico.

My contributions

  • How to define and identify lessons learned?


      FROM my involvement in different development interventions, countries, contexts, I consider that proper-relevant-valuable-applicable LESSONS LEARNED:

      🔹 CAN RESULT from Micro (project)-, Mezzo (region/sector)-, or Macro (economy-wide, policy)-level interventions;

      🔹 ORIGINATE from IMPACT on the ground;

      🔹 CONDENSE RESULTS aligned with a ‘Theory of Change’;

      🔹 ARE 2nd Order REFLECTIONS out of relevant implementation EXPERIENCE;

      🔹 RESPOND to Higher-Level Goals; and

      🔹 CAN be EXTRAPOLATED, i.e., APPLIED elsewhere.

      I THEREFORE would like to share a compacted summary of Lessons Learned, which have been compiled from various community development initiatives in Mexico, and proposed —together—, to illustrate action of relevance beyond the response to the COVID-19.

      📕 The 10 ‘Lessons’ (Spanish original text):

      [A.] Seek to respond to the primary question: What lessons can be derived from the pandemic for the development of regions and municipalities?

      [B.] Are presented under the following thematic flags: 1. Social Governance. 2. Prevention, in General. 3. Operational Readiness. 4. Training and Commitment. 5. Targeting and Budget Flexibility. 6. Urgent and Effective Impact. 7. Local Management. 8. Vision and Focus. 9. Coordination. 10. Results, Impact and Risk Governance.

      [C.] Can be found at the open book: ABC de la COVID-19. Prevención, Vigilancia y Atención de la Salud en las Comunidades Indígenas y Afromexicanas. (Bertha Dimas Huacuz. INPI. 2020), accesible at the webpage of the National Institute of Indigenous Peoples (INPI-MX): (book cover)/ (book text).

      I hope this will be useful in your work, and for further discussion and learning.

      ✏️ TNRM

      [Morelia & the p’urhépecha community of Santa Fe de la Laguna, Michoacán, Mexico]



      IN MANY CASES, the so-called 'Lessons Learned' are —simply—, a listing of statements collected to comply with the relevant section in an evaluation report.

      A true 'LESSON' should be drawn from actual-relevant implementation EXPERIENCE, and condense-compact real facts of RESULTS, which are aligned with the outlined ‘Theory of Change’ whilst pointing to measurable-verifiable IMPACT on the ground…Thus on effecting CHANGE in peoples’ communities and livelihoods.

      T. N. Rico-Mora
      Purhépecha community of Santa Fe de la Laguna, MX