Wilm [user:field_middlename] van Bekkum

Wilm van Bekkum

Head of Monitoring and Evaluation
Self Help Africa
United Kingdom

Development specialist in Monitoring and Evaluation.

My contributions

  • How to define and identify lessons learned?

    • Hi,

      Lessons Learned is a very general statement.

      It all starts with observations, you can only have “learn lessons” when you observe them in the first place.

      In principle this implicates that you need the right people being involved to observe possible lessons to learn. These observers needed depend on your approaches and it is essential to acknowledge that in advance. 

      Some observers are for example:

      1. Your community/communities when you want to be sure that your approaches are working for the community.
      2. Vulnerable and marginalised participants --> particularly in Focus Group Discussions you have to ensure that you have the right settings for the correct dynamics in which people can raise their voice and share their ideas.
      3. For an end of Project Evaluation you have to be sure that the consultant has the specific background for the implementation which you want to improve

      To name just three of …?

      Essential here is not only naming the lessons learnt but also the operational systems/feedback mechanisms to ensure that the findings will be discussed and implemented when that is agreed.


      Wilm van Bekkum